Arthur Samuel described machine learning in the 1990’s as “a field of research that enables computers to self-learn without being specifically programmed,” which implies imbuing machines with information without hard-coding it.

Machine learning is primarily concerned with the creation of computer programs that can self-adapt and evolve in response to new data. Machine learning is the study of algorithms that self-learn to perform tasks. Its learning algorithm enables it to handle large amounts of data more quickly. For example, it would be interested in acquiring the ability to complete a mission, make correct forecasts, and act intelligently.

Applications of Machine Learning

Machine Learning has…

There are many options for studying data science: attending classes, pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in data science, enrolling in a Bootcamp program, or self-learn. Nowadays, a wealth of content is accessible on the internet, mostly for free, to assist individuals in developing the skills required for Data Science.

Three key skills are needed for Data Science:

  • A programming language that is used in the data ecosystem, most often Python/R or Scala.
  • SQL, which is used to manipulate and retrieve data
  • Statistics and Machine Learning


It is an outstanding language to master since this is your first programming language…

Oumlaz Maroua


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